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What Makes Comsphere Infosat Industry’s Most Trusted Network?

The Backbone for Remote Business

Infosat’s Comsphere network is the communication backbone for remote business.

Drawing on the worldwide reach of multiple satellites in low, medium and geosynchronous orbits, Comsphere delivers data, voice and Internet services virtually anywhere on earth.

Canada’s largest and most respected energy, pipeline, utility and mining companies depend on Comsphere network for all their mission critical communications:

  • Voice connections for conference calls and emergency help coverage
  • Sensor readings to monitor production, environmental controls, equipment performance and revenue generation
  • Data links to connect with enterprise applications at corporate headquarters
  • Email and Internet service for business correspondence and worker wellbeing

Compshere supports more equipment sensors, data points, phone systems, video feeds, IT links and bandwidth than any other satellite service. Comsphere is industry’s most trusted satellite network.

Clients with the Most Stringent Standards

How did we win the trust of major corporations with the most stringent standards for signal availability, support and security?

We earned it through decades of reliable service, unrivalled engineering expertise, and an unrelenting commitment to network integrity.

The Network is Sacred

To us, our network is more than just a conduit for ones and zeros. It is the communications platform for our clients’ businesses. Millions of dollars worth of economic enterprise depends on our Comsphere network every day.

Some People Accuse Us of Being Obsessive – They’re Probably Right

It’s a responsibility that we take very seriously. We take all possible measures to ensure network reliability. We refuse to cut corners. Our engineering team, which is the largest and most experienced in the industry, sweats every detail. We scrutinize every server, antenna, data relay and string of code that touches our network. Before we introduce any new piece of hardware we test it, retest it and then test it again.

A network is only as strong as its weakest link. We probe, evaluate and reinforce every link and then duplicate it.

Redundancy is a Virtue

When it comes to reliability, redundancy is a virtue and our modus operandi. Clients who visit Infosat’s teleport facilities are consistently amazed at the extensive security measures and the proliferation of parallel and backup systems.

Every component is supported by at least one and often multiple backup systems. Our engineers constantly ask what would happen if a particular switch or router failed and then take preemptive corrective measures.

Engineering Vigilance

Whenever there is even a minor malfunction we thoroughly dissect and analyze the problem. We don’t just fix the symptom, we solve the underlying cause. No other satellite service provider comes close to Infosat’s level of engineering vigilance.

Some of our low-price-point competitors are content to operate systems with single points of failure. To us the practice is deplorable. Our clients’ business operations are far too important to expose them to such flagrant and unnecessary risk.

Fanatical about Reliability

We are fanatical about maximizing network reliability. Our clients’ remote facilities and the safety of their workers depend on it.

Maximize Your Productivity

The companies that truly value their data and insist on maximizing productivity at their remote sites choose Infosat. What satellite service provider will you choose?

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